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Being a kid and growing up in Milford brings back great memories.  Just little things like riding my bike to Jim's store on Union street to buy baseball cards, sledding at Twin Tows and then walking all the way back to the center of town, hiking up to lookout rock up behind our house on Falconer Ave, etc. etc.  I could go on all day with my Milford memories.  The one event of my childhood that I often think about is the VFW's annual Labord day parade and carnival.  The VFW still coordinates what some would say are the best parades in the state.  I would guess that I've only missed a few of them over the past 40 years.  My kids grew up going to the parades and I hope their kids get to enjoy the VFW parades someday.  Kids today grew up enjoying the Pumpkin Festival.  Before the days of the Pumpkin Festival, the VFW would host a great carnival every Labor Day weekend and us kids loved it!

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Who can remember the Liberty Nursing Home on Elm Street?  Liberty Nursing Home was located at what was then #39 Elm street.  Though the building itself is no longer there, it stood just to the West of today's Smith & Heald Funeral Home.  Today the location is the East wing of The Elm's nursing home.

In the Summer of 1947, Edgar and Marie Liberty owned the house next door (then #41 Elm Street and today the main building of The Elms nursing).  They purchased the home just to their East (#39 Elm).  They fixed the place up and converted it into apartments.  It was called “Liberty Apartments”.   In 1953, the Liberty’s sold their home at #41 Elm street, packed up their family and moved to Florida.  Before their move to Florida, Marie Liberty actually owned and operated the “Milford Rest Home” for a period of time at her home at #41.  When the Libertys moved back to Milford about a year later in 1954, Marie made plans for the “Liberty Nursing Home” at #39 Elm. 

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When was this picture taken?  This picture was sent to us many years ago and unfortunately, I'm not quite sure who sent it.  For me, this picture sums up what I love about our town.  This picture was likely taken some 50+ years ago in a time when Milford's population was probably about a third of what it is today.  Though Milford was experiencing a lot of growth in those days, it was still small enough where you knew most everyone in town.  Fast-forward all those years to today.  Buildings, automobiles, and landscapes change over the years and you surely dont "know everyone in town" any more, but when we have events like our parades or Pumpkin Festival or even Christmas craft fair day, the sense of community pride, the atmosphere, and the excitement of residents coming together around the oval remains the same today!  

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Back in the 1940s through 1960s, small town Information booths were a common sight.  Milford had one that sat in the Oval area and people traveling through Milford could stop to get directions, NH tourist maps and guides, or even a friendly suggestion on where to have lunch or dinner.  Back in those days the Route 101 bypass that today routes traffic around Milford didn't exist.  Back then, Amherst St and Elm St were part of Route 101, the main East-West road in southern NH.  That main thoroughfare ran right through the oval. 

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 love everything about it.  I grew up and lived in Milford for over 60 years.  Moved to Burlington Vt in 2011.  I miss Milford so much.  I enjoy all the on line pictures and history.  My dad Salvatore P Grasso was a big part of Milford.  Keep up the good work

Nancy Grasso Freel