March 2020 Program

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Attention all Firefighters, former and present!

Longtime Milford Fireman Harold (Pip) Adams (son of Albert and Hazel Adams of Osgood Road) will be treating us to decades of interesting stories he’s collected from his own years of service on the force (60’s through the 80’s) as well as his father’s  (1940’s to 60’s).   He’ll tickle our funny bone with stories such as “how a firefighter ended up in the brook and how much money the mice actually ate?”   And Teach us:  “Do you know what F I R E really is?  Do I need a fire extinguisher?  Do you know how to use a fire extinguisher”.   And remind us how dangerous firefighting is:  “Recounting a tragic event that happened to a Milford firefighter?”  Hear about the arsonist that plagued Milford and how the town got a new fire station.  Most importantly, how did Harold get the nickname Pip?   

Vintage firefighting equipment he has donated to the Society will be on display and refreshments to follow.   Wednesday evening, March 4th,, 7 p.m. in the Town Hall Banquet Room.  Entrance:  Through the elevator on the left side of the building.