Holiday gift ideas that support the MHS

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3 Thoughtful Ways To Support the MHS this Holiday Season

  1. By ordering your beautiful wreaths and centerpieces from Lynch Creek Farm.  Simply go to their web site to view selections.  Up to 15% will go towards repairs and upkeep of the MHS museum.
  2. Gift a Milford history book through the mail (Covid friendly solution).  View choices at
  3. Donate, in the name of a loved one or friend as your gift to them.  Milford Historical Society, P.O. Box 609, Milford, NH 03055

The Historical Society is run by a group of dedicated volunteers who appreciate your support more than you’ll ever know, as they work to keep Milford past alive for generations.  To share this with your friends and family on Facebook, please click on the 'share' button below.