Milford about 1949

Many kids in park back of Milford High School (Now Bales) during circus, about 1949. Photo compliments of Edward Herrick Romney. The man in the middle is Harold Gautreau. He was a Milford Veteran who was a paratrooper. One Labor Day as part of the entertainment, he parachuted out of a plane intending to land in Endicott Park. Unfortunately, the wind didn't cooperate and he landed upstream some distance away. Left to Right, Man (Unidentified), William Magee, Russell Langille, Young girl (last name Pratt). Behind Gautreau - Mario Falsani (with cap and sunglasses. Over Gautreau's left shoulder is Richard Tortorelli. Thanks to Jim Philbrick of Milford and Leonard Mannino for the names and information.

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