Class of '57 in 3rd Grade

Thanks to Lee Fessenden for sending in this picture. It is the class of 1957 in the 3rd grade. Bottom Row 1 L to R: ?, James Smith, David Kittredge, Joanna --, ----Hammond, Alice Nichols, Maxine Weatherbe, Sheila Courage, Corrine Carpenter, Betsy Richardson, Miss Donatti. Row 2: Francis Page, Patricia Herlihey, ?, ?, Janet Tonella, Carolyn Marshall, Nancy Norwood, Elaine Leathers, Judy Poor, Marianne Ansaldo. Row 3: Richard Keddy, ?, Judy Fisk, ----Patton, Jimmy Signor, Chester----, ?, Jane Liberty, ?. Row 4: Edmund ---, Peter Olson, Shirley Reginbal, Elaine Marshall, Diane Lawrence, Carol Krush, Nancy Saraceno, Janice Erikson, Rana Pannanen.

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