2nd Grade - 1948-1949

Thanks to Priscilla Welch Gemmill for sending in this picture! Here are her comments: Here is a photo of Grade 2 at the Garden Street Elementary School. I have photos of other grades if you would like them. The teacher was Beatrice Miller. Front row: Paul Bishop, Roger Jackson, Anita Laganiere, Leona Philbrick, Sheila Card, Carmella Aveni, Grant (?), Gail Proctor, Patricia Hopkins Middle row: ?, David Fitch, ?, Carl Wheeler, Roger Keech, Winston Grant, ?, James Ripley, George Staiti, John Carter. Back row: Danny?, Dottie Bristol, Linda D'Ortona, ?, ?, Diane Courage, David Sears, Priscilla Welch.

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