Class of '58 Reunion

This is a picture from the 50th high school reunion for Milford High School. It was taken in 2008 and was sent in by Lee Lizotte Fessenden. Here are the names: Back Row, l-r John Roberts, Ernest Adams, Jack Casey, Fred Slamin, Gerry Gaidmore, Bill McBain, Bev Curtis Brown, Ron Marsh, Clemantis Jones Bockus, Bob Levesque. Middle Row, l-r Shirley Patten Rafter, Ann Frye Roberts, Gary Ciardelli, Choral Murray Maxwell, Martha Holt Mulvey, Lynda Willette Tempest, James Poor. Front Row, l-r Davida Courage Wagner, Lee Lizotte Fessenden, Suzanne Melendy McLaren, Joyce Ashford Jensen, Rita Roulx Barry, Eloise Sleeper Carleton.

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