1st Grade 1968 1969

Thanks to Tim Kiernan for sending in this picture. Here are his comments: The first is Mrs. Gendrun's (Guess on the spelling.) First Grade Class, Garden Street School, 1968/69. (Note: A "?" means I don't remember a name or last name. A "(?)" means I THINK that was the name.) BACK ROW: Mike Carter, Cindy ?, Meg Reese, Sandra ?, Warren ?, Diane Draper, Nancy Aborne, Ms. Gendrun. MIDDLE ROW: Maureen McGillicutty(?), Kirk Rosebush, ?, Doug Gordon, ?. Bill Andrews FRONT ROW: Roxanne ?, Timothy Kiernan, Diane ?, Veronica Walker, Steve Hudson NOTES: Kid between Rosebush and Gordon may have "James" associated with him. First or last, I don't remember. The family rented a place on Union (East side) arund Orange or Willow. Doug Gordon was killed when he snowsledded under a Barretto's Granite truck. Diane Draper's dad owned Draper Chevrolet. If anybody can ID the rest of the kids, please update the info.

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