5th Grade 1972 1973

Thanks to Tim Kiernan for sending in this great class picture. Mrs. Smith's 5th Grade Class, Bales School, 1972/73. TOP ROW: Timothy Kiernan, Matt Greene, Cheryl(?) ?, ?, ?, ?, Pearl Plourde. 2ND ROW: Yvonne Pelletier, ?, Sherri Crawford, ?. 3rD ROW: Mary Peacock, ?, Lisa Hasau(?), Stan Evans. 4TH ROW: ?, ?, Phil ?, Tim McCoy. NOTES ON ME: Lived in Milford from 1962 to 1976. Addresses: 55 South St X Marshall (Back when the fire hydrant on the corner of Marshall would claim at least one Milford Police Dept "cruiser" a winter. Last I knew Officer John Trocci owned the record of two hits in one winter!) and 3 Hilltop Dr.X Souhegan. Moved to Ca. in 1976. (To Reno, Nv. in 2003) Father, John, was an officer and dispatcher (with Guy Franklin) for Milford P.D. and a member of the school board. Hope you are able to use these 3 photos. If you want/can, feel free to post my e-mail with the pictures on the odd chance someone remembers me and wants to say "Hi". Best wishes. Tim Kiernan (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

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