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This is the original guest book from the web site  It was started in 2000 and contains hundreds of entries from over 10 years.

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Marcia Hazen-Cheever

I think the Lone Pine is on the Mont Vernon Rd Rt 13. just above Hartshorns Pond. I have seen that card I think at the Mont Vernon Historical museum. We are only open in warm weather.


Marcia Hazen-Cheever

love this site, and reading all the messages. Mont Vernon my bithplace, graduated from Milford High 1948.


Lynda Douglas

Was your site mentioned in the cabinet.thought I might check it out. I grew up in Milford. Graduating from MASH. Thanks for your time.LYN* : )


Ken MacGrath


Nice job!



Jim Philbrick

A great idea. I grew up on the same street in town as Ed Romney and he was the high schools unofficial photographer.It is good to see some of his photos again.



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