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This is the original guest book from the web site  It was started in 2000 and contains hundreds of entries from over 10 years.

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Neta Hutchinson Fulkerson

I had many distant relatives who lived in Milford. My great-great-grandfather was Jacob Flynn who was for many years a selectman on the town counsel in the late 1700's and early 1800's. I also have many Hutchinson relatives who lived there. One was Nathan Hutchinson, a very early resident, in fact one of the earliest when the town was Monson. I have been doing a lot of genealogy research in Hillsborough county as there were several families in which I am interested that lived in that county. I am also distantly related to the famous Hutchinson singers.


Anne Charron

my husband and I are very interested in locating in the State of New Hampshire when we retire - it is our mutual dream to own and operate a bed and breakfast that would be easily accessible to the mountains (for skiing), water (fishing) and would have enough land to be able to allow ourselves and our guests to do some cross-country skiing, etc.
Thank you. Anne C. Charron


David Nichols

Wonderful to be able to see,on-line, the town in The USA,
where our daughter,and our two grand-daughters live.

They live about 200 yards from The Carey House, and we walk
past it when we walk into Milford, when we are over in America.

Her name is Jakki Garber. She lives at No.77 Union St.

Love from England


Deanne Carr

We love your website. We moved here in 1999 and I have done
some research on our old house. It was built in 1854 and
is thought to be the Charles Weaver House. Today the
address is 37 Cottage Street. Do you have any pictures or
information on the McIntires Soap factory? It was located
on Cottage Street.
Thanks Deanne Carr


Frank Tremblay

Very interesting idea about advertising the past.
Born and raised in Nashua, NH but now retired and living in
San Diego, CA. Will be visiting relatives in Nashua this
summer, 2002, and plan on traveling around the area to see
what changes have been made in the area.



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