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This is the original guest book from the web site  It was started in 2000 and contains hundreds of entries from over 10 years.

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Van Eresian

Great! Well worth several tries to access photos today; interesting and impressive. Publicity = popularity must have slowed site. We're working (volunteers) on similar project in Hollis: old & new photos, written history, GPS'd sites, maps, documents, & sound files all linked. The time involved: variety of material & getting permissions of all property owners to be in this section of Hollis Town web site means we're not quite up & running yet. Many congrats to you on your site & its growing contribution. Also to Milford on its Main Street Award & achievements. Isn't it fun finding all these treasures? Relatives of Nevins and Monson may be interested in Sargent Museum's archeological study of 2nd Wm. Nevins homestead, still in Monson but E of Monson Ctr. - part of our survey; our two towns are connected!.


Marcelle Oneail

What a wonderful site.we own Humble Pie, in the exact location of the old White Elephant.
and have been looking for some good old pictures of our location to hang in the store.
Milford was and is a beautiful town, you should some day publish a book of
old Milford pictures.just pictures and their description.what a great
gift for the locals!! Thank you!!


Jim Kelley

Great site and content. Became aware through the Telegraph article last evening.

Suggestion and my pet peeve: When older photos are shown, it is always even more enjoyable when current occupant is identified. For example, the Hayward Farm photo. I think it is Agway, but am not postitive.

We've been in area since 1971. I wish I had taken before and after photos -- after construction, it is so hard to remember what was there.

Keep up the great work!!


judy mccormack pearcy

Great website!! I grew up in Milford and ejoy walking down memory lane. Great idea


Ralph&Barbara Taylor

Ilive in Milford all my life and i like seening all the old pictures keep up the good work



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