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This is the original guest book from the web site  It was started in 2000 and contains hundreds of entries from over 10 years.

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Peggy O'Neil

Graduated from Milford Area Senior High in 1981. Now live in Lunenburg, MA. My folks and grandparents all grew up in Milford. I'm sure they would remember alot of these places as they were. Thanks for the great site. Very interesting!


Bobby J. Marler

Hi, Chris,
Very interesting website. My wife Marjie (Kimball) is your
second cousin.She remembers great times playing with your father
as a child but hasn't seen him in a long time.

BJ Marler
Albuquerque, NM


John A Burns

Hi Milford,
I live in NY & my family (BURNS) come from Milford.
John Burns (7 generations ago)was an original settler
of Milford in 1782. I am also related to the Bartlett,
Hutchinson, Jones, Mills, Peabody, Putnam, Stearns &
Smith families. Please E-mail if you would like to
share information.


Dave Severns

Hello, I am the son of Leona Philbrick Vallier, grandson of
Walter and Vi Philbrick. I enjoy coming to the site and
seeing the great pictures. It really brings my home town back
to me. I have allready seen some old Pictures of my Uncle
Ron(Ron Philbrick) Id never seen before, on this site. Thank
you very much. I look forward to seeing new pictures every
month as more and more people become aware of this truly fun
site to visit.



Looking for local historians!
I have some furniture of my father's.
made by French & Heald, New Hampshire. maple.
I have read that the funiture co. burned down in 1891.
Did they re-build?The style of this furniture looks to be from the 50's.
Is this possible?



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