Home to the Milford Historical Society since 1979, the Carey House Museum houses hundreds of years of Milford's history.

From the minute you walk into the reception/gift shop area, the story of Milford begins to unfold before your eyes. Portraits of founding fathers, historic signage from local businesses and maps of historical significance decorate the walls. Take a few steps farther into the museum and view the large variety of products manufactured in Milford from the mid-19th century through the present day.

Learn about the granite quarries Milford is world famous for. See the large collection of tools used by quarry workers and examples of the stone artisan’s creative genius. Our collection of military artifacts date from the Civil War and tells the story of many Milford soldiers.  Unique to the Carey House is a collection of items from Milford’s own Hutchinson Family Singers, abolitionist singers known throughout the US and Europe in the years leading up to the Civil War.
A trip upstairs will bring you to a portrait gallery that endeavors to tell the story of, and relationships between, many of the prominent families of Milford.  There is a sitting area for reading in-depth biographies of these citizens and for viewing a fun collection of post cards.  Beyond the portrait gallery is a depiction of items found in a home in the 1800s and a tribute to Oliver and Mary Lull. He was an attorney, then a Civil War Colonel.  After his death in the war, his wife became a surgeon and eventually donated their homestead to the town of Milford. The Wadleigh Library now occupies that site.

No trip to the museum would be complete without a stop in the barn. From old fire equipment, a wine press and bank robbery door, the barn is filled with many odd and beautiful items. But you have to come and visit in order to see everything!

Gift Shop / Reception area
Manufactured in Milford
The Portrait Gallery
Upstairs on the 2nd floor
A charming and very well done collection of Milford's finest pieces of history! We try to get there at least once every year!
Shawn Comolli
Former Resident
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