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Swing Bridge Ornament Fundraiser

Swing Bridge Pewter Ornament! Our 2021 Milford Historical Society fundraiser is a pewter ornament [ ... ]

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Red Eye's Tavern Fire

Though it wasn't known as Red Eye's tavern any longer, fire claimed this business and building back  [ ... ]

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1948 Driver's Education Class

Driver's Education class in 1948 pictured in front of the High School (now Bales).  Click  [ ... ]

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The Milford Medical Center

The original Milford Medical Center on Nashua Street.  Click the image below for the full  [ ... ]

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South Street image showing Baptist Church

Shot of South Street looking towards Union Square with the Baptist Church.  Click the imag [ ... ]

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Old image from the church steeple

Taken way back in 1877 - The photographer actually climbed the steeple for this shot!  Cli [ ... ]

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Union Square in the 70's

Lots of memories of different stores on the South side of Union Square in this image from the 70's!& [ ... ]

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Brand new town hall

Way back when town hall was brand new and the pride of Milford.  Click the image below for [ ... ]

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The Pointer Block

The Pointer Block on South Street around the turn of the century.  Click the image below f [ ... ]

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Mobilubrication on Amherst St.

An entire history could be told of the businesses that have called Milford home over the years. An e [ ... ]

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Union Square in the 50's

Union Square in the 1950's – Though the image is a bit blurry, we found this to be an interesting  [ ... ]

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The Post Card

The Post Card – A long lost tradition of sending pictures (with a brief note on the back) via the  [ ... ]

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Pleasure House of Pizza

Who doesn’t love a good slice of pizza? Milano’s Pizza is a very popular establishment here in t [ ... ]

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Who is this?

He is “not” amused and his expression says it all..... because someone forgot to write  [ ... ]

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Furniture Factory on Nashua St.

Today’s image is an aerial picture of the Sprague & Carleton furniture factory on Nashua St.&n [ ... ]

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The Quaker Shoe Company

This old building on Clinton St. today is the home to The Milford Market LLC Antiques. Its [ ... ]

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South Street Garage

Today and for many years this building on the corner of South St. and Lincoln St. has been home to&n [ ... ]

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Fire in Union Square

What was it like in Milford 101 years ago in 1919?  With the end of World War I in November [ ... ]

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 love everything about it.  I grew up and lived in Milford for over 60 years.  Moved to Burlington Vt in 2011.  I miss Milford so much.  I enjoy all the on line pictures and history.  My dad Salvatore P Grasso was a big part of Milford.  Keep up the good work

Nancy Grasso Freel