Our Ordinary yet Extraordinary Neighbors

Since April 2018, the Milford Historical Society has been presenting submitted stories of our ordinary yet extraordinary neighbors. The submissions are framed and displayed on a special wall for museum goers to enjoy. Now we are asking the community of Milford for help in uncovering and sharing the narratives of these extraordinary neighbors.

View our Ordinary Extraodinaries:

1. People who have made a positive difference to society in either a very local way or to a larger community. They need not be famous per se, but are ordinary, yet extraordinary.
2. Provable Milford residency during life, but not life-time residency.
3. Verification of their contribution…this could come from media articles or tangible items, but not merely from a person’s opinion of the one suggested for inclusion.
4. People that made their contribution during the 20th and 21st centuries only.

1. A one page story of the person that briefly tells the history of the benefit and why it came about. We are looking to tell only that particular story, not to have a biography of the life of the person suggested. This is required as we feel that the person making the submission knows the story most accurately and thoroughly.
2. A photo if possible, along with a tangible item for display.

1. While we are aware that a successful business provides jobs and is a benefit to society, this is not the type of story we are trying to tell. Our goal is to bring to light little known stories of the extraordinary things our neighbors have accomplished.
2. This is a rotating exhibit that changes every 3 months to tell as many stories as we possibly can.
3. The written information we receive will remain in the museum and any borrowed items will be returned to the donor.

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