Milford High School girls basketball team Jan 31, 1952

This great image was taken back when Milford kids went to High School at what many know today as Bales School on Elm Street.  This picture was taken by Milford’s own Bernice Blake Perry on January 31st of 1952 and is a part of the Historical Society’s extensive collection of Mrs. Perry’s images.  

The same image was featured in the Milford Cabinet two weeks later on February 14, 1952 with the following caption: 

“Here are the pretty lassies of Milford High School’s varsity basketball team.  Left to right standing, are Marion Stinson, Cynthia Smith, Miss Marilyn Thomas, coach; Betsey Haskell; Libby Dyson, manager; Libby Howe, Norma Saraceno, Barbara Metcalf; kneeling, Barbara Laurence, Carol MacAleese, Jerry Watson.”

Does anyone know if any of these ladies are still with us and still living locally?  Barbara Laurence went on to become Barbara Parry and spent her life being very active in all things Milford.  Jerry Watson went on to become Geri Dickerman.  Like Barbara, Geri too was very active in all things Milford.  It was Geri and her husband Russ were responsible for saving the lost town of Monson.

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