Have you seen this home?

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Several of our members have been very busy for the past several months cleaning and organizing the barn attic at the Carey museum.  Hundreds of photos and other items have been found and we're trying to identify whatever we can.  Some of the found photos have descriptions on them and some do not.  This image was found recently and we need help identifying the house.  The description under the picture says "Family Gathering at the residence of J. Snow, Milford, N.H. August 31, 1875.

Doing a quick search of some early maps, I haven't been able to find a J. Snow identified around town.  Looking at the Ramsdell history of 1901, a Jonathan Snow is mentioned and it is reported that "Mr. Snow was a resident on the northerly slope of Federal Hill, was moderator of the annual town meeting in 1878, and often contributed communications to the newspapers of his day"  Driving up and down Federal Hill road, one house that appears to resemble this one is the Chappell home just beyond Federal Hill road's intersection with Emerson road.  Could it be?  We'd love to know what you think!