Mystery Photo

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Here is another one of the hundreds of photos that have recently been found as part of our clean up and organization of the museum's barn attic.  Some of the found photos have descriptions on them and some do not.  With this image, there are some things we know about it, but many that we don't.  It appears to be a parade on Nashua Street.  We can see several men with what look like slide trombones.  There is an American flag.  The men in the front are wearing some great top-hats.  The building in the background is the former McLane Mills building which sat where Cumberland Farms is today (the one closest to downtown).  It would eventually become the White Elephant Shop and burned in 1966.  The photographer who took this picture would have been standing at the entrance to Franklin Street.  Maybe this an Independence day parade in the early 1900's?  Looking at the detail of this picture just doesn't provide much additional information!  We'd love to hear your thoughts.