Who is this?

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He is “not” amused and his expression says it all..... because someone forgot to write his name on the back of his portrait many decades ago.  But with Milford’s sleuthing abilities we could turn his frown upside down.  Could this be your great, great, great, great Grandfather?   Notice a slight resemblance in your family?  Did you find a photo of this portrait in your genealogy information or remember seeing it in photos on Great Grandma’s parlor wall?   A pen and ink or charcoal drawing believed to be from the mid 1800’s?  If this is one of Milford’s founding fathers we want to make sure he gets pride of place in the museum.  What a great lesson for us all and a great project during Covid.  Sit with your children, sort through and mark all of your old photos…… for their future.  I’ve nicknamed him “The Major” until we solve this mystery.  Any suggestions?