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High Hopes Balloon Festival 2005

Do you enjoy looking though old pictures of our great small town?  So do we!  The Milford Historical Society's 'Milford Pictures' page on our web site is dedicated to collecting and sharing those old pictures of Milford.  With currently well over 300 photographs strong, we are always looking for additional Milford Pictures to really document our photograhic history.  As you'll see from the galleries, the collection contains everything from very old pictures from the 1860's all the way up to today.  Afterall, a photo taken yesterday is still part of Milford's history!

Ames Department Store

What kind of pictures?  Pictures from parades, different businesses that have come and gone, restaurants, people, street scenes, etc. etc.  Even pictures as simple as a shot of your old home are history.  All Milford pictures show our history and are welcomed and enjoyed by current and past residents alike. 

Please take some time to look through your old photo albums and shoe boxes.  There must be thousands of Milford Pictures out there waiting to be part of our history!  You can send your pictures with a description to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or you can use the easy upload form over on the right side of this page.

Examples of some Milford Pictures are included here on this page.  The High Hopes Balloon Festival was a Milford tradition every June for many years.  Initially it was conducted on the property of Bernice Perry on Old Wilton road and then eventually moved to the property of the Chappell Farm on Federal Hill road.

Ames department store had their grand opening in the Granite Town Plaza on March 17, 1983 and the store employed 50 people.  It was great to have in town back in the late 80's and into the 90's.  We would have to think that the bigger box stores like Wal-mart and 'online shopping' ultimately did in our local department store.

T.J. Dooley's Restaurant

T.J. Dooley's restaurant used to be in the Lorden Plaza.  Like many other restaurants that have come and gone from Milford over the years, T.J. Dooley's, Papa Ginos, and D'Angelo's are all eating estalishments that have come and gone from Lorden Plaza over the years. 

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