The Union Square Building, as it’s been known since 1984, was built in 1937 as the Latchis movie theater. The Latchis family entertained Milford and the Souhegan Valley with Hollywood movies for decades. For the past 4 decades however, it’s been home to a number of eateries. In this photo of the south side of Union Square donated to the society by Martha Brown, we can see Lucille’s restaurant in the South space of the building. Lucille’s started in the mid 1990’s and became Café’ on the Oval in 2001 before moving to its current home in 2012. The space that is today’s Brickhouse Restaurant & Brewing has hosted at least 5 different eating establishments. 1986/1987 it was known as The Purple Rose. 1988 through 1992 it was home to Tommasino’s Restaurant. When this photo was taken, it was Anthony’s Restaurant which was here 1992 to 1995. You could enjoy Bavarian food at Bavaria Haus, a German restaurant in 1995/1996. It was The Pasta Loft from 1996 until just recently when it became The Brickhouse Restaurant & Brewing. From The Purple Rose to The Brickhouse, the Union Square Building has seen its share of culinary trends and the gathering of countless diners. Each restaurant has left its mark, contributing to the rich tapestry of Milford’s history. And as the building continues to stand proudly, it promises more stories, more flavors, and more memories for generations to come. Are we missing any establishments? Please let us know your memories!

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